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CIFS Extensions for UNIX systems 2.0

Chrysocome implemented the CIFS Extensions for UNIX systems in the Linux kernel smbfs driver. Some patches for samba were also produced. These have now been accepted into the linux kernel and samba. Any modern distribution now has CIFS Extensions ready to use.

Downloads for cifs family
Program Version Content Format Platform Download
autoupdate 5.0.5 Binary .rpm el6.x86_64 gmp5-5.0.5-3.el6.x86_64.rpm
N/A 2.0 Document .pdf Any CIFS_Extensions_for_UNIX.pdf

CIFS Extensions for UNIX systems is also implemented in the newer linux kernel cifs driver.

Automounting CIFS Home Directories

Using CIFS home directories provides an alternative to NFS for network home directories. The Chrysocome solution uses automounting which is more reliable than other methods such as pam_mount. It uses information from the passwd database to automatically build the automount maps.

More Information on CIFS Home Directories