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Eudyptes chrysocome (Southern Rockhopper Penguin). The rockhopper penguin lets nothing stand in its way. If it can't go around an obstacle it will hop up and over it.

Chrysocome are experts in Open Source and Linux. Everything from configuring and running off the shelf down to modifying, porting and packaging. You name it, we do it.

Chrysocome have expertise in testing, modifying, deploying and running the following:

  • apache
  • bind/named
  • samba
  • dhcpd
  • qmail
  • network virtualisation
  • mysql
  • linux kernel
  • linux kernel drivers
  • CentOS
  • gateway/routers
  • firewalls

Chrysocome have a special interest in filesystems including:

Chrysocome make a number of open source tools available to the public. These tools are of use not only to linux users but windows users.

Chrysocome can provide custom software development for windows and linux.