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dd Installation Instructions


dd does not come with an install program. It does not need to be Installed, all you need are the file(s) to be copied to a known location.

  1. Download the appropriate .zip file and save it to your hard disk
  2. Create a new directory on your hard disk to store the files. The recommended path is C:\apps\dd
  3. Using a zip reading program, copy all the files from into the path created in step 2
  4. dd is a command line tool and should be run from the command prompt with the command c:\apps\dd\dd


dd does not need to be Uninstalled, all you need to do is delete any files you do not want. If you followed the install procedure above, these steps will remove dd.

  1. Open Explorer and navigate to C:\apps
  2. Right click on dd and click Delete


  • Chrysocome recommend putting all programs which do not have an installer into C:\apps. This keeps them separate from installed programs which live in C:\Program Files. C:\apps is also easier and safer to use because it does not have a space in the path name.
  • Some versions of Windows come with a zip reading program built in. If your version of windows does not, you can get a free program called 7-Zip from the 7-Zip Home Page
  • When running command line tools, you must either specify the full path to the .exe, add the full path to you path environment variable or change directory to the same path as the .exe