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librfs is a library based on rfstool by Gerson Kurz. It provides read only ReiserFS 3.5/3.6. Parts of libext2fs have been merged so both libraries can share the same block device IO API. There is no support for writing to or making any other changes to the reiser file system.

As part of the redevelopment of explore2fs, it was decided that librfs would be developed to implement the ReiserFS support.

librfs is build using MinGW/MSYS. MinGW is a build suite which produces native Win32 binary files. It can be coupled with MSYS which provides a posix build environment.

Setting up the build environment

Downloads for mingw family
Program Version Content Format Platform Download
Installation Instructions
mingw 1.0.10 Binary .zip Windows

Obtaining the source

Downloads for librfs family
Program Version Content Format Platform Download
librfs 0.14.1 Source .tgz C++ rfstool-0.14.1.tgz

Building the library

Start MSYS and run the following commands. You may need to adjust the paths as required

tar -zxvf /c/temp/librfs-0.14.1.tgz cd rfstool-0.14/RFSTOOL make -f makefile.gcc3x dll